Tom McCarthy; Your neighbor next-door.
Have you met Tom! He is a young fellow, working on something important, super clean energy; He lives right next door, -just 'round the corner from St. Gerald's; You might see him in his workplace laboratory keenly focused on his fusion project, - but careful not to interrupt him for too long, he is right busy building a fusor; and looking toward helping us and future generations. Others might say it can't be done, Tom says, "I believe I can do this and my project has already advanced."

With the sage guidance of Overseers, his kind and gifted Teachers and with the blessings of his loving Parents, young Thomas McCarthy is directing from the ground up something very exciting, called fusion clean energy, and he will tell you all about it.

Ah, ..the youth of beautiful and poetic Ireland, - How great thou art!

Have you met him yet? He is your next door neighbor. - Right over ..... there!
"Good Morning Thomas!" "How's your Project coming round?"


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